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2010-12-26 - 9:26 p.m.

holidays 2010....

Had a lovely but very wet week in Spain with my family and my sister. We rented two cars which was a good move because it divided up the children for the two hour + drive to Granada for a day to the Alhambra. All those years at the beach and it turns out there's a real Spain out there! Who knew! Also took a day trip to Cordoba, but managed a few days in the sun between the pouring rain.

And we missed all the snow and grounding of airplanes at Gatwick and Heathrow. Our flights out and back were delayed but at least they went.

Now we are like so many people, overfed and underexercised after Christmas and Boxing Day. Might venture out tomorrow or Tuesday. My sister has had her very first Christmas (she's an ordained rabbi) and overall I think she's enjoyed it.

I am writing this from my new little computer, which is very exciting. If only I can figure out how the TINY touch pad works, I'll be away.

thanks to all who've wished me holiday wishes - same to you! All the best in 2011...xB

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